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Contraception (Condoms)
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What are Condoms?
Condoms are a shealth or tube which is made of latex rubber and placed over a stiff or erect penis to stop the sperm entering a woman. They can be used only once and must be removed as soon as the man has orgasmed, to prevent spillage of semen or sperm. When removing ensure that the base of the condom is held snuggly to prevent spillage.

How Effective are Condoms?
If used properly condoms are about 90-98% or have 2-10 failures per 100 women-years (that is a unit calculate when 100 women have sex with partners using this form of contraception over a year)


  • Can be used on the spur of the moment.
  • Protection against STD's(sexually transmitted diseases) such as Herpes, HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea etc.
  • They have no side affect's except in very rare latex allergy.
  • They can prolong erection and delay ejaculation to make sex last longer.


  • The rubber can go off or become brittle if unused for a long period of time or if kept in a hot dry environment such as a wallet.
  • Needs a bit of practice to get used to getting them on and off properly without spillage or rupture.
  • Can burst if over rough or if used with non-water based lubricant e.g.vaseline. Thus use only water based lubricants such as KY.

Where Can I Get Condoms?
Condom's are available at all chemists, most supermarkets, dairies, sex shops and come in a variety of colours textures and even flavours. You may also get condoms at your local Family Planning Clinic. They are probably the most available contraceptive. Condom's are now available via vending machines in many toilets located in pub's, bars, nightclubs etc. Please remember to check the expiry date before you use a condom.

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