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Contraception (Diaphragms)
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The Diaphragm and Caps
These are soft rubber domes that are inserted into the vagina to cover the cervix. Thus they act as a barrier to sperm. Unlike IUCDs , diaphragms can be inserted by the women using them, therefore avoiding the necessity for professional insertion. They are not very commonly used in New Zealand.

Diaphragms and caps report a success rate of about 90%. This is less than an IUCD as the efficacy depends on the way the diaphragm is inserted and whether or not it is accomodated without allowing leakage.


  • Non hormonal.
  • Provide some STD protection.
  • Reversible.


  • They require skill to master their use.
  • Not as effective as many other methods.
  • Must be placed in vagina before intercourse and left there for up to 8 hours afterwards.
  • Must be used with spermacidal jelly.
  • A doctor or family planning nurse must first fit the correct size.
  • Not all doctors are familiar enough to fit these devices.

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