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Contraception (Depo Provera)
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What is Depo Provera?
Depo provera is an injectable form of contraceptive. It is given into the muscle, usually in the leg. It is a hormonal contraceptive. The hormone is a progesterone similar to that produced in the body naturally.

How Often Do You Have It?
Every twelve weeks. The injection works for thirteen weeks but must be given every twelve to avoid the lag of a week before it becomes affective.

How does it work?
The progesterone in depo provera does not work like the progesterones in the mini pill. Instead it works centrally in the part of the brain that controls the sexual hormones. In short it switches off ovulation in the brain. Many women on the injection will no longer experience periods and nearly all will have reduced period flow.


  • Lasts for three months and so you don't have to remember it very often.
  • Reduced period pain and blood flow or no periods at all.
  • Easy to use.
  • Very effective.
  • Can be used to treat endomeriosis and heavy or painful periods.


  • Has hormonal side affects such as weight gain, moodiness and some people have decreased libido or sex drive.
  • Some people will have irregular bleeding on the injection.
  • Often it will take a while after use for periods and fertility to return.
  • Once given the effect cannot be stopped for three months which is a problem if there are side affects.

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