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Lung Cancer (Causes)
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Causes of Lung Cancer
Cancer occurs when normal human cells change into cancer cells when exposed to carcinogens (which are substances or chemicals which cause cancer). The major contributor or carcinogen in lung cancer is tobacco smoke. Eighty percent of lung cancers are due to tobacco smoke. There are over 2,000 known cancer-causing chemicals in tobacco smoke. Other well established carcinogens of the lung include radon, asbestos, bischolomethylether, nickel, chromates, coal tar, copper radioactive materials and arsenic.
Lung cancer can also be a consequence of occupational hazards. For example, asbestos insulation workers have 92 times the risk of developing of lung cancer, and smelter workers have 3-8 times the risk of developing lung cancer. The risk of lung cancer is also increased in people who work in the manufacturing of certain industrial gases, pharmaceuticals, soaps and detergents, paints, inorganic pigments, plastics, and synthetic rubber.See also:

Lung Cancer

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